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Use a Self-Directed IRA to invest in a real estate investment project.

Real estate is an excellent, dependable investment. Tens of thousands of people have invested their retirement funds in something they know and can control and touch rather than be subject to the volatility of the traditional stock market.

With a self-directed IRA, individuals can:

  • Purchase real estate or make investments they never thought they could afford.
  • Diversify their IRA investment portfolios.
  • Control and manage their own retirement futures.
  • Purchase, hold, and sell a vast array of assets.
  • Benefit from the incredible tax benefits enjoyed by retirement plans.
  • Save on fees (self-directed IRA account fees are lower than those of traditional IRAs).

From New Direction IRA:

Invest your IRA in the real estate assets that you choose and with the strategy that you prefer.

  • 100% Cash Purchase                                Partner with other Investors
  • Purchase with Debt Leverage                  Use an LLC or Not
  • Agricultural                                                 Options
  • Make Real Estate Loans                           Fix and Flip
  • Fix and Hold                                                Residential of Commercial
  • Develop or Redevelop                               Raw Land
  • Trust Deeds                                                Multi-Unit
Purchase Structures:

100% Cash: The easiest way to purchase real estate with your IRA is with cash from your plan. In this case, the IRA owns 100% of the property.

Partnering: The IRA may partner with another person, entity, of IRA. In partnering, your IRA would own only a percentage of the property, and the remaining portion would be owned by another entity.

Get a Loan: The IRA may use leverage (a mortgage loan) to purchase property. The loan must be non-recourse, meaning that the IRA holder may neither guarantee the loan nor pledge their personal assets and/or credit.

Using an LLC: You may use an LLC, but one is not required to purchase real estate in an IRA. The majority of IRA-owned property is titled directly to the IRA.

Your IRA can…
  • Hold title to real estate.
  • Tenants-in-common with a partner entity.
  • Loan money to a borrower who uses real estate as collateral.
  • Invest in an entity that is investing in real estate.
  • Sell or lease property to the IRA.
  • Buy assets from the IRA.

To learn more about investing in real estate using a self-directed IRA, contact New Direction IRA or Capital IRA.  To discuss specific investment opportunities, please contact Sherri Lilienfeld, ABR, at (609) 287-1795.