Buyer’s Agent

Why Use Me as Your Buyer’s Agent?

Buying a Jersey Shore HomeA buyer agent is a real estate professional who works exclusively for buyers, representing their best interests throughout a real estate transaction.

As a buyer agent, my job isn’t just to help you search for and buy the right home. My job is to educate you about market values, quality home construction, equity potential, financing options, the hidden costs of buying and ownership and much more, so you can make the most informed decision when you buy.

When you hire me as your Buyer’s Agent, I will provide you with comprehensive, high-quality service, including the following:

  • Fully educate you about the practice of Buyer Agency, outlining my fiduciary responsibilities to you, which include: complete disclosure, loyalty, confidentiality, obedience, and accountability.
  • Create a detailed profile of your future home needs, wants, expectations, “must haves”, etc.
  • Save you time searching the market for an affordable home that meets your profile criteria. I will also provide you with regular market updates.
  • Help you explore all your financing options, so you can make the best mortgage decision possible. In addition, if you like, I will refer you to some of the first-class financial contacts I’ve made through years of experience. In short, I will walk you through every phase of the loan process.
  • Accompany you as you view homes and provide comparative analysis of them. I can also refer you to expert home inspectors that will provide more in-depth analysis and advice.
  • Negotiate the best possible home price for you, take care of the details of documentation, and do everything I can to make sure everything’s signed, sealed and delivered on closing day.
  • Assist you, if necessary, in finding the right moving company, home insurance, and any other home-related services you need.As YOUR Buyer’s Agent I’ll be working on your behalf, exploring every means possible to find you a property that meets your needs. When you decide you’d like to buy a new home in the Jersey Shore area or if you hear that any of your family, friends or neighbors are looking to buy, please call on my direct line at :(609) 287-1795 or email me any time!See a copy of a Standard “New Jersey Exclusive Buyer Agency Agreement”