Apex Prime Referrals, LLC. makes it easy!

Place your license with Apex Prime Referrals, LLC. and then refer friends, family and associates to active sales associates throughout the country. We can also help you refer buyers and sellers anywhere in the world!

Our Apex Prime Referral Services program helps generate residual income for licensed sales associates who are not actively working in real estate sales.

Advantages of being an APEX PRIME referral associate.

  • You can keep your license active and make referrals to full-time active sales associates, earning commission on every transaction.
  • While earning residual income, you avoid the expenses of an active agent such as MLS service dues, local real estate board dues, and Errors & Omissions insurance.
  • You can partner with an active sales associate of your choice to provide your referral base with a consistent and highly professional level of service.
  • And — there are no sales/income quotas or required meetings!

Becoming an APEX PRIME Referral Associate is easy!

  • Contact our office. We can walk you through the process.
  • If you’re an active agent, your current office will need to release your license and we’ll make it active as an on referral agent basis.
  • If you’re a new agent, we will activate your license under Apex Prime Referrals, LLC you need indicate on the examination pass notice/license application that they are applying for a referral agent license. You and APEX can complete the required certifications directly on the license application form.
  • If you have any referrals to make now, use the APEX referral form once your are active in our system.

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