Success Stories & Client Reviews

Erland Z.

I can't say enough about Sherri Lilienfeld. Throughout the process of selling my mother's condo, Sherri was supportive, reliable, smart and thoroughly professional. She always kept our family apprised of the situation in the market, advised us on pricing and offers and efficiently managed all of the steps necessary in a successful sale. I particularly want to recognize her resourcefulness and special efforts in overcoming an unforeseen insurance snag in the sale of the condo. Sherri is a fine person and a terrific real estate agent. You can't go wrong in working with her if you need to buy or sell a property. " - Erland Z.

Even in a sellers’ market, placing a home for sale can be frustrating, emotional, and fraught with challenges.

Glad I chose Sherri Lilienfeld from Apex Prime Realty to sell my Jersey Shore condo.

Sherri helped me navigate issues with a confusing trust, the condo homeowners association, and a variety of stricter rules from the state, county and municipality.

In addition, Sherri Lilienfeld weeded out questionable offers and bottom feeders. She kept a check on the buyer’s agent and offered excellent advice about preparing my condo for sale: how much should we spend to stage the property?

Sherri caught errors and potential landmines long before they could become a problem.

She properly established a listing price. Sherri attracted a well-qualified, excellent offer in less than 2 weeks.

Sherri Lilienfeld got a fair deal for all. Both myself and the buyer. Got the whole deal done, from listing to closing table, in less than 2 months.

Not many Real Estate execs have the wealth of knowledge that Sherri Lilienfeld has. Experience does matter.

I strongly recommend for anyone looking to transact a Real Estate deal in Margate, Ventnor, Longport or Brigantine, New Jersey.

Apex Prime - Sherri Lilienfeld - Another Happy Homeowner
I found Sherri through a Google search. After reading the reviews, I decided to give her a call. I was very fortunate to have found her! This is a very difficult market especially in light of Covid, multiple offers and rapid turn over, but Sherri was terrific. She was an advocate for me and really had to push hard for me to get my home. She is extremely responsive, very knowledgeable and really commits herself to your search. Working with her is wonderful! You never have to worry about a thing, she has great attention to detail. She will make sure that you are prepared at every step. I’ve had several RE agents over the years and I can honestly say that Sherri has been the best, hands down. I can’t thank her enough! I know we are going to love our home for years to come and Sherri was able to make it happen for us! ~Deborah G.

I have worked with other real estate agents in the past and I must say my latest experience with Sherri Lilienfeld as my agent has changed My overall opinions of the industry. Sherri from start, to midway, and finally the finish line never leaves your side. Sherri is very attentive to detail, facts and actually listens to her clients. If you have a question during any stage of the process, just ask and you will get a personal response within 15 minutes of your inquiry. If your looking for a realtor that listens, understands and follows through with all of your real estate needs, look no further, SHERRI LILIENFELD IS YOUR TOP SHELF AGENT!!! My wife and I couldn’t be happier not only with the process of the entire transaction, but imagine getting calls every couple of weeks just to check in and see how everything is going and offering her expertise if needing any assistance moving forward. It’s not just making the sale, it’s following through and being available after The check is received. Sherri goes above and beyond your expectations. Buying or selling real estate? Call the best and don’t waste time with the rest! Call Sherri today!! Real estate at its best! APEX REALTY SHERRI LILIENFELD!!! Thank you, Sherri, looking forward to our next venture when the time comes! We love our new shore home.

Our experience with Sherri has been nothing short of fantastic. Sherri is extremely patient and has literally spent years to help us find the right house. She treats each client very special like it’s the first time meeting. What’s nice is her firm offers boutique realty services. We never felt like we were just “1 in many” the way so many other realtors make you feel on the island. She is also extremely knowledgeable in structuring deals contractually and has endless resources to refer you to. Sherri is a hands-on type of realtor and I highly recommend her.

Sherri was highly knowledgeable and helped us during the selling process. Our home had issues that had to be corrected and with Sherri’s guidance, we were able to complete the sale both quickly and profitably. Her personal service can’t be measured.

Sherri is absolutely wonderful. From the inception of the transaction to its completion and subsequent she ensured out satisfaction. Sherri looked at what could have been a challenging situation and kept on top of every aspect through to and even post-settlement. We couldn’t have been happier and recommend her to anyone looking to make their Jersey Shore Dream a reality. Thank you, Sherri.

I met David and Staci a number of years ago.  They came to me to help them find a shore property that had plenty of room for their expanding family that would also be a good income producing investment property.  
“Even though our search took a very long time Sherri never gave up on us. She continued to show us properties as our family was growing and as our needs changed. Sherri was always there to answer questions for us and send us more information even when it was a property that didn’t work out. She went above and beyond the call of a realtor and even had contractors come into properties to give estimates before we put bids on a property to make sure it wasn’t going to cost more than we anticipated to fix it up after we made settlement. Sherri truly went above and beyond the call and we couldn’t have asked for a better realtor! ” – Staci and David, Ventnor, NJ 

Joanne and Brian, Northfield

I have had the privilege of working with Brian and Joanne in selling their home and then securing a new home.  There were many challenges along the way but we made it to the finish line.  Now Brian and Joanne are now the proud owners of their ‘new’ home.

“I was so pleased with how she worked to first get our home sold then help us get our new home. I can’t imagine any agent going to the extent Sherri went. She was amazing! We are so lucky to have Sherri as our agent! ”  Joanne and Brian, Northfield, NJ

Property Address: Margate, NJ.
Overall level of satisfaction with service: 5 (Best)
Satisfaction with agent Sherri Lillienfeld: 5 (Best)
Our experience with Sherri has been absolutely fantastic. Sherri is extremely patient and has literally spent years to help us find the right house. She treats each client very special like its the first time meeting. What’s nice is her firm offers boutique Realty services. We never felt like we were just ‘1 in many’ the way so many other realtors make you feel on the Island. She is also extremely knowledgeable in structuring deals contractually and has endless resources to refer you to. Sherri is a hands on type of realtor and I highly recommend her.

Michelle and Jeff Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime Realty

Like many, Michelle and Jeff started their search on the internet and were just “looking” but not ready to buy.

They wanted to learn about the market before they started actively looking at houses.  Once we began previewing homes, they realized that what they thought they wanted had changed.

They originally wanted a newer construction townhouse in the Bay Area of Margate. After some soul searching, they discovered that what would be best for them in the long term was a single family home in a quieter area of Margate where they could potentially retire.

Now Jeff and Michelle are the proud owners of a beautiful new construction 4 bedroom, 3.5 bath home on a quiet street, walking distance to the beach. They love it so much they try to come down anytime of year their schedule will allow.

“Sherri went above and beyond the role of a realtor. She was sweet and supportive but also smart and strong when she needed to be. (Sherri was) very dedicated and knowledgeable.” ~Michelle & Jeff

Last year we decided to sell our summer home. We signed with a very large realtor. Unfortunately, our home got lost in the crowd.

This past May, we selected Sherri Lilienfeld as our new realtor. From the get go, we realized we had made the right decision. Her caring, expertise, and knowledge quickly became apparent. As the offers came in, Sherri was there not only to make sure we got the highest possible price, but also to guide us as to who would be the most qualified buyer. Sometimes selling a home can be filled with unknown pitfalls. Sherri was there guiding us during the process to a very successful conclusion.

She went beyond the call of duty to sell our home. She just wasn’t only interested in selling our home, she always had our interest in mind. In this age of big box stores, personal service is a rare commodity. Dealing with Sherri Lilienfeld gave us the peace of mind we needed.

“I can’t thank you enough for all that you did for us. I would hire you over and over again. I don’t know of any agent that would have done what you did for us.”  ~ Fred & Karen

Marc and Lisa Review Sherri Lilienfeld

Lisa and Marc have been going to the shore since they were kids.

Their families even rented a house together when they were 9 and 10 years old in Ventnor, NJ. Lisa and Marc did shares in houses in Ventnor and Margate about 20 years ago.

Lisa and Marc thought it would be nice to own a home in Margate. They have friends on Gladstone and became especially fond of the beach on that part of Margate. They found me when they started searching  online for Margate properties and landed on my website.

It took a few years to find the perfect shore home for them but now Lisa and Marc are ready to enjoy the Jersey Shore in their very own beach home for many years to come.

“Sherri is the best real estate person I’ve ever worked with. She knows her market inside and out and is always on the lookout for the perfect property for her clients.

She’s completely honest and would never pitch a house that she doesn’t believe would be a good fit for her clients.

Sherri is incredibly hard working, patient and willing to take whatever time you need to find the perfect house. She has a rolodex full of helpful people that she can recommend when you need an exterminator, an HVAC person or a handyman.

Once she has the sale closed, she doesn’t disappear like most agents and helps her clients with all the things that are needed before, during and after the closing.

You should use Sherri. She’s great at what she does.” ~Lisa & Marc

Margie & Ed Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime Realty

Margie and Ed needed a bigger summer getaway for their extended family and friends. 

They decided to look for a duplex that contained a large house (4 to 5 bedrooms) with an additional apartment.

We began searching for a home in Ventnor and within a short time they found the house they desired. . . it was a beautifully renovated 5 Bedroom home with a brand new kitchen, lots of deck space and a 2 bedroom apartment.  Margie immediately fell in love with it, but there was one problem. . . it was over their price range.

I encouraged Margie and Ed to make an offer to take advantage of the “Buyers Market” but they were hesitant and got very discouraged. Then, the asking price of the house dropped and gave them the confidence to go in with their original offer.

To their surprise, the offer was accepted and now they have the home that can more than comfortably accommodate their family and friends during the warm summer months.

Margie and Ed can now live their Jersey Shore Dream in comfort and have learned that sometimes you might be surprised and get what you want if you ask.

“. . . Ed and I both recognize all the time and effort you spent dealing with our purchase of the Ventnor Property. You are very professional and thorough in all aspects . . ” ~Margie & Ed

Rob and Katie Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime Realty

Rob and Katie are real estate investors who were looking for positive cash flow and appreciation with their property purchases. 

They also wanted a property that was not going to need major improvements after purchase.

It did not take long to find an upscale rooming house for Rob and Katie which was a block and a half from the beach, was fully occupied with mostly long-term tenants, and so nice it almost has the feel of a “Bed and Breakfast” in Atlantic City. Rob & Katie settled on this property in April.

In July of the same year Rob and Katie purchased their second property with almost 3 times as many rooms as the first one they purchased.

“Sherri is by far the best agent I ever worked with. She is extremely thorough and truly looks out for the clients best interest. . . Thank you for doing an amazing, thorough, job. My biggest investment property was not that scary because you put me at ease every step of the way.  You are terrific at your job. Thanks again.” ~Katie

” . .  I have purchased many properties, using several real estate agents.  Sherri is by far the best I have dealt with. . . I am so happy and excited with the property. . . please find me more . . ” ~Rob

Rob & Katie’s Jersey Shore Dream is to own as many positive cash flow properties close to the beach in Atlantic City as possible. Lets just say, they are “SOLD” on Atlantic City Investing. 

David and Lori Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime Realty

Having personally moved my family from Pennsylvania, I was very understanding of the many adjustments they were going through.

I was also able to help guide them with some issues relative to relocating their children to Margate.

It took some time to find the “perfect” home for David and Lori but after some hunting, they found the house to help them live their Jersey Shore Dream.

“. . Sherri was there every step of the way with much knowledge and support. Sherri led us without ever being pushy but with much professionalism throughout the entire process. She knew how to get the job done. I would highly recommend Sherri and her team.  I won’t ever forget my experience moving to the Jersey Shore and thanks to Sherri it went as smooth as possible.” ~David & Lori

Judy and Don Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime Realty

Like many second home buyers, Judy and Don began researching the market and available properties on the Internet.

They thought it would take a long time to obtain a comfort level with the market and pricing but to their surprise and with the help of some guidance, they started previewing properties rather quickly and narrowed down their options in no time.

Through dedicated persistence in evaluating properties in a timely fashion, they successfully bid on a home that soon became their Jersey Shore Dream property in a matter of months.

“We really enjoyed working with Sherri and were very impressed with her competence, confidence and friendly style. Sherri was proactive without being too pushy/persistent. She found the perfect house for us in Ventnor, and in fact it was the very first house she showed us!

We are thrilled with it, and appreciate her ability to negotiate a very fair price for our property!  Her professionalism is outstanding!” ~Judy & Don

Carol and Tina Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime RealtyFor many years, Carlo and Tina had been entertaining the idea of moving. 

They had a beautiful home in Marvin Gardens but as their family expanded they found themselves needing additional space. It was a tough decision since they loved their home but once Carlo and Tina decided to move things went very quickly.

Their house had great curb appeal and was priced competitively for the market. It was sold almost before the sign went up and they quickly negotiated a deal for another year-round residence in Margate.

Now Tina, Carlo and their three daughters are enjoying their new home in the place they call home year round in Margate, NJ.

“I don’t think we would have ever moved if it weren’t for Sherri! Thanks to Sherri and her knowledge of many things, we listed our house in May and had an offer with the first showing, and went to the closing table on July 29th.

Sherri always saw the glass as half-full.  She encouraged me when I was doubtful, she consoled me when I felt overwhelmed, and most importantly, she always made me feel like I was in control.

She walked us through the whole process of buying a new home, step-by-step-by-step.  The patience, the persistence, and the sheer professionalism is what makes Sherri one-of-a-kind.  I can’t say enough, that’s why I’ve said so much, too much!

There are no words to describe her drive…she goes beyond what is expected…she is with you until the end….I don’t know how we did it, but we did, and it’s all thanks to her.  Thank you Sherri:-)” ~Carlo & Tina (and family)

Kevin and Patti Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime Realty

Kevin & Patti found themselves with an opportunity to move into a family home on the beach.

In order to do so, they needed to sell their home to make the move possible.

Although we listed the property very late in the summer buying season, the house was priced to obtain substantial interest but also gave them what they needed to make the move.

In less than two weeks the property was under contract and now Kevin and Patti (and family) are enjoying their “new” home overlooking Margate’s beautiful beach.

“Sherri was great! She gave us knowledgeable advice when it came to pricing our home & then worked tirelessly marketing it. She managed to be thorough & aggressive without being pushy.  She also has great contacts with a variety of contractors for any adjustments the sale of your house may require.

Our house sold very quickly & our new house needed lots of TLC. Thus, this fast move  became very stressful for us.  Sherri went above & beyond what one would expect from a realtor & was able to alleviate some of this stress.

We can’t thank her enough! Without her as our realtor, I doubt that we would be enjoying our family home this summer.”  ~Kevin & Patti

Megan Reviews Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime Realty - NJMegan is a single mom with two small boys who had been renting a 2 BR house and working full-time. 

Megan had convinced herself that she could not “afford” to buy a home with her income alone.

Well, Megan underestimated her financial capabilities and now is the proud and happy owner of a place of her own!

As I do with all my clients, I encouraged Megan to consult with several mortgage professionals to review her finances and discuss with her the different loan programs available. I will never forget the day when Megan actually realized she could indeed afford to buy something.

Megan was so excited and we immediately identified properties that met her lifestyle and her budget and within three weeks were under contract for her “dream” home!

I am happy to have helped Megan Live Her Jersey Shore Dream!

“Sherri helped my family attain a dream I never thought was possible.  She went above and beyond my expectations to help me find the perfect place that would fit our needs.

Once I knew I could actually buy something and I gave my landlord notice I was moving out, we had a very short time frame to find a new home.

Sherri knew what I needed and helped me focus on properties that would work for me.  In a very short time my ‘dream home’ was located. I am now a proud homeowner and forever grateful to Sherri for all she did.” ~Megan

Steve and Sharon Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime Realty

Steve and Sharon decided to look for a shore/beach home but weren’t sure of exactly what they wanted.

Single family vs. condo, Ventnor vs. Margate, South Margate vs. North Margate. There are many options.  Also like many of my clients, they were apologetic to me about the time it would take to decide on what they wanted. We would joke about how they were my standing week-end date.

From my prospective, the time it took for them to decide was actually very short (some clients take years before finally deciding and that is okay). In a relatively short amount of time Steve and Sharon found what they were looking for and were able to enjoy their time at the Jersey Shore.  They love to ride their bikes, go to the beach, walk to restaurants, shopping, or just relax. 

“We love the place! We can walk to the beach and to the bay side of the island where we can enjoy all the great restaurants. Our place is just an hour and fifteen minutes from our home outside of Philly so we can come here any time we want. Buying our shore home was a great enhancement to our lives. Sherri was great; very knowledgeable and very patient. She knows the area very well and was well versed in the purchasing process.” ~Steve & Sharon

Andrea and Clark Review Sherri Lilienfeld - Apex Prime RealtyAndrea and Clark needed a larger home for their family. 

When I first started working with them, they weren’t quite ready to make the move and felt they wanted to do some upgrades to their house to make it more “marketable.”

They upgraded the kitchen, added a beautiful new deck and awning, and finished some other projects in the house. When they were ready to sell, they priced their house well and had a buyer within one day of going on the market. They are the perfect example of how preparing your home for sale and pricing appropriately work well, even in a Buyer’s market, when done right.

Now Andrea and Clark are enjoying all the extra space their new home has to offer.

Sherri Lilienfeld pleasantly facilitated a smooth sale and purchase for us. She went above and beyond to meet our needs. Sherri is a pleasure to work with.”  ~ Andrea & Clark

Thank you, Sherri, for always looking out for us over the past seven years. You found us great summer rentals and now our very own beautiful condo. It’s exactly what we were looking for…on the beach with a fantastic view. We couldn’t be more excited!

Highly recommend. I worked with Apex and Sherri Lilienfeld on many properties. They are very professional, diligent and really listen and care about their client’s needs and preferences.

My wife and I were very fortunate to receive a recommendation from a friend for a real estate agent when looking to rent a shore summer home. Sherri Lillienfeld assisted him with his rental homes and also with the purchase of his Margate home. She assisted us for the past 5 years with the rental of summer homes in Margate and Ventnor. Sherri’s knowledge of the Jersey Shore Real Estate market is exemplary and she provides much more than the required services. She is always available to quickly respond to questions, whether in person, via mobile phone, or e-mail. She has strong business sense and negotiation skills. I have worked with many real estate brokers and agents on several real estate transactions over the years and can say with confidence that Sherri is the best agent I have ever used. I also would not hesitate to recommend her. I have the highest level of confidence in Sherri and feel she would be able to properly assess any situation and resolve and handle it with the utmost professionalism.

Sherri at Apex Prime really helped us with the purchase of our shore home. We can’t thank her enough for her tireless effort as it took us 3 years to find the home we wanted. She didn’t pressure us to buy and was so patient with us. We also rented properties from her prior to our purchase. She is a knowledgeable top-notch professional and I would highly recommend her and Apex Prime Realty.

I’ve seen many realtors in the Ventnor, Margate, Longport area that get far too big for their own good, their pictures slapped up on big billboards, newspapers while their personal touch gets lost as they divvy their showings and closing to employees that just received their realtor licenses. Not Sherri…. Sherri is with you every step of the way from start to finish and you wont get lost in the shuffle. She is the best kept secret and every time I see another realtor on a billboard it reminds me how good and personable Sherri is to her clients. If you are looking for a boutique realtor that is going to stick with you from start to finish, look no further as I highly recommend Sherri Lilienfeld / APEX Prime Realty. Without a doubt 5 stars and the best realtor on Absecon Island.