Stockton Atlantic City Already Making an Impact

The Stockton University AC campus is already making a significant impact on its surroundings. And it doesn’t officially open its doors to students until September 5th. Even with finishing touches left to complete and over a month to go before classes start, students already claimed over 85% of its rooms. With its recent University District designation, we only see great things on the horizon.


Stockton University AC Campus News

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When the new 2018/2019 academic year begins, the Stockton University AC campus plans on offering over 100 courses. Even if they live at the AC campus, students maintain the option of taking courses at Galloway. The new facility allows the university’s students to commute between its AC and Galloway campuses via shuttle nearly all day long. A majority of the 533 residents of the AC campus live there only during the school year. However, 70 currently enrolled students plan on making it their full-time residence.

New University District Designation

In other even more exciting news, the City Council recently announced the designation of a new University District in the area surrounding the Stockton University AC campus. The area spans from Sovereign Ave on the east to Dover Ave on the west. From north to south, it runs from the Boardwalk to the Inside Thoroughfare. This designation includes part of Bader Field, ending where the Bader Field and Tourist Districts begin. Signs for the new University District are already being developed by Stockton University to showcase this honor and help visitors to the area identify it. Councilmembers hope this new designation encourages businesses to invest in the area due to its huge potential for economic gain.

If you’re interested, come to the ribbon-cutting event for the new Stockton University AC campus on Thursday, September 20th at 11 am. The event takes place right on the Boardwalk.

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