Preparing Your Jersey Shore Rental for Summer

From Memorial Day to Labor Day, the population at the Jersey Shore increases dramatically. That’s when summer rental season kicks into full gear. While some people may rent a house for a week or two, thousands choose to make Jersey Shore their home base for the entire summer. If you own a Jersey Shore rental property, you need to make sure that it is ready for your tenants. That may take a little time. The following Jersey Shore rental preparation “to do” list ensures you don’t forget anything before your tenants move in.

The busy summer season is almost upon us. Prepare your Jersey Shore rental for summer by tackling this helpful "to do" list right now.

Jersey Shore Rental Spring “To Do” List

Inside Your Jersey Shore Rental

Search Jersey Shore homes for saleFirst of all, make sure your Jersey Shore rental is thoroughly cleaned. This includes inside your cabinets and drawers, ceiling fans, baseboards, oven, microwave, refrigerator, and outdoor grill. Deep clean the carpets. Scrub the windows, especially if they show signs of sea spray. Empty all drawers, cabinets, closets, refrigerators, etc. of any food and personal items, including medicines, vitamins, and toiletries. 

Replace air filters. Check the expiration date on your fire extinguishers. You should have at least one per level of your home. Check smoke/carbon monoxide detectors to ensure they work properly. The National Fire Protection Association recommends one smoke detector inside each bedroom, near the stairway, in the living/family room or den, and at least one per level (including the basement). Replace batteries in detectors, remote controls for all electronics in your Jersey Shore rental. 

In the bathroom, replace the old shower curtain with a brand new mildew-resistant one. They cost only a few dollars. So, just ditch the old one and put a new one in its place. Make sure all utilities are turned on and the appliances work properly (washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, oven, microwave, toaster, coffee pot, etc.).

Outside Your Jersey Shore Rental

For the outside of your Jersey Shore rental, turn on the faucets and sprinklers to see if anything needs to be repaired or replaced. This includes your outdoor shower (if applicable). Hose down the deck and make sure the outdoor shower is clean. Make sure there are trash bins for weekly curbside pickup. Check that the outdoor grill works properly and is clean, too.

What Should You Provide to Your Renters

Every Jersey Shore rental should include extra batteries and lightbulbs, a plunger, an iron, and an ironing board (for your renter’s convenience). To make clean-up easier, provide your renters with a vacuum (including a fresh bag), broom (with dustpan), mop, and cleaning supplies. In the kitchen, stock the shelves with enough dishes to service 8 to 12 people (dishes, utensils, and glasses). Don’t forget serving utensils as well (tongs, large serving spoons, spatulas). And, of course, provide a few pots and pans of various sizes so that your renter can cook on the property. Fresh linens (sheets, blankets, towels) and mattress pads should also be provided.

A coffee pot and tea kettle make your tenants’ stay much easier as well. Small appliances like a toaster or toaster oven, can opener and microwave should also be provided. Since you’re at the beach, beach chairs and badges are a must. Your renters may also expect to see comfortable outdoor furniture as well…but not the cheap plastic stuff. Many people like to barbecue while they stay at the Jersey Shore. So, if applicable, include an outdoor grill.

Jersey Shore Beach Badges

Speaking of beach badges, they are necessary for anyone who visits a Jersey Shore beach in the summer. Beach badges are available for pre-season rates in Ventnor and Margate for just $7 (ages 12 & older) and $3.50 (seniors 65+). After June 1st, those prices increase to $15 for anyone aged 12 and older. Veterans receive one free beach badge each. Active military as well as their spouse and children (up to age 25) also receive free beach badges. Pick up your beach badges at Bloom Pavilion or the Municipal Building in Margate during normal business hours. In Ventnor, badges will be available for purchase at City Hall. Of course, they may also be purchased at the beach any time.

Leave Detailed Instructions

Finally, for your tenants’ convenience, leave a detailed list of instructions for your Jersey Shore rental. How and where should they store their bikes and chairs? When should the trash bins be out at the curb and when should they be brought back to the house? Which parking space(s) belong to your rental unit? What is the wi-fi password? How do you turn on/off the outdoor grill? Are there any special instructions for changing the temperature on the thermostat? What are your favorite places to eat? Where should they go to grab a quick cup of coffee? How do they get to the grocery store/nearest gas station? What activities/places are a definite “must see” during their stay? Also, a list of important numbers, such as fire department, police department, and the local hospital with your address and the landline number (if applicable) can be helpful in case of an emergency. Whatever makes it easier for your renters to feel at home in your Jersey Shore rental should be included in your list of instructions.

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