Margate Partnerships: The City Works Well With Others

You’ve probably heard the saying “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. What does it mean? When a group works together, they accomplish much more than trying to work things out individually. The City of Margate partnered up with the Margate Business Association to make several MBA-sponsored activities more accessible the public in 2018. And they plan on taking this partnership into future events in 2019.

The City of Margate has worked hard in partnership with the Margate Business Association to spread the word about local businesses and promote the area through large public events like Beachstock and Funfest.

Partnerships Between the City of Margate and the MBA on the Rise

Search Jersey Shore homes for saleThe Margate Business Association (MBA) makes it their mission to promote local businesses, tourism, and family-friendly activities in the city throughout the year. They host local events such as Beachstock and Funfest each year. Along with the hundreds of private volunteers, City employees (such as firemen, policemen, public works, and other government employees) help set up, tear down, and coordinate the behind-the-scenes efforts it takes to run these huge events efficiently.

Late last year, the New Jersey Division of Travel and Tourism bestowed a $16,000 grant upon the City of Margate. With this grant, they plan on creating even more events with the MBA to promote local businesses and bring tourists to the area, even in the off-season. Promoting all of the benefits that life in Margate has to offer is their #1 priority.

Margate and Lucy the Elephant

Back in early 2018, the Save Lucy Committee informed the City about some badly damaged boards around our beloved pachyderm. After checking out the area, the City realized that the damage extended beyond a few boards. In addition to redecking the area, the Public Works Department added new railings and lights to Lucy’s facade and home. Since she’s such a beloved member of the community for both visitors and residents alike, the City of Margate will continue to work with the Save Lucy Committee to ensure she stays in tip-top shape for many decades to come.

Margate Partners With Homeowners

With their annual capital plan, Margate invests in the city’s infrastructure to maintain a safe space to live. They want to ensure safe drinking water to all of their residents and visitors. Maintaining the city’s sewer system allows for safe water runoff during storms. They devote funds to improving city streets to make them safe for vehicle, bicycle, and foot bicycle traffic. And they utilize protective measures to prevent damage to local buildings, the sewer system, water lines, vehicles, and streets that may come from the salty air, ocean spray, and temperature fluctuations we are constantly bombarded with. In short, Margate has worked well with others in the past and plans on continuing their efforts well into the future.

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