Margate Boardwalk Rally at Lucy Park

Boardwalks have been a large part of our history along New Jersey’s Atlantic coastline. The world-famous Atlantic City Boardwalk was the first and longest one constructed here in the US. And until the mid-1900s, that included one right here in Margate. Unfortunately, over the years, various storms created so much damage that it eventually disappeared altogether. Over the last few months, momentum for a new boardwalk in Margate has been building. To show support for the project, a Margate Boardwalk rally will be held at Lucy Park this weekend.

Show your support for a boardwalk rebuild at the Margate Boardwalk rally at Lucy Park on Sunday, August 26th from 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm. Let's show city officials that we want better beach access in our community.

Margate Boardwalk Rally

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The Margate Boardwalk Committee (MBC) wants to show the city’s commissioners how much a boardwalk means to local voters. So, they’ll be hosting a Margate Boardwalk rally at Lucy Park this Sunday, August 26th. From 5:30 pm to 6:30 pm, guests enjoy music, information about the project, and a fun party atmosphere right at our beloved Lucy’s feet. Committee members discussed the possibility of adding a referendum to the ballot in the spring with city commissioners. While no firm commitment has been given, a couple commissioners seemed very interested in the idea. But instead of waiting for city officials to decide, the MBC is considering starting a petition this fall to have a boardwalk referendum added in the spring. The Margate Boardwalk rally is one way to show city officials that the public wants this to happen…and soon.

Margate Boardwalk Costs

Currently, there have been no official studies about costs. But, looking at similar projects in nearby cities like Ocean City and Ventnor, committee members believe it could be in the millions to tens of millions of dollars. They also believe strongly that most of the cost could be covered through various grants, long-term, low-interest bonds, sponsors, and private donations.

Why Do We Need a Boardwalk?

Before the Army Corps of Engineers began their Margate Dunes project, visitors to the area could still see the ocean and enjoy the breeze coming off of it. However, now, the dunes sit so high on the beach that it obstructs the view that visitors and residents alike enjoyed for decades. And anyone with any physical limitations cannot simply walk past the dunes to get to the ocean. Even those who are physically capable have a tough time navigating their way through these mammoth piles of sand. Building a boardwalk solves that problem easily. Also, better beach access means more tourists and tourist dollars to the area.

So, what do you think about rebuilding the boardwalk? Are you for or against? Why? Sound off in the comments below. If you want to support the idea, come to Lucy Park on Sunday and join other like-minded individuals at the Margate Boardwalk rally.

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