Margate Boardwalk Committee Makes Its Official Debut

Last month, I talked about rebuilding the Margate Boardwalk. Some people are steadfast against it. But, support for the rebuild continues to grow. Just last week, the Margate Boardwalk Committee made its official debut. Their purpose? To promote the benefits of bringing the boardwalk back to our community.

The Margate Boardwalk Committee made Its official debut just last week. They need your help with ideas on how to pay for the boardwalk as well as why you believe it necessary to the community so they can present this info to local officials for their consideration.

Why Form the Margate Boardwalk Committee?

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To set the record straight, residents need to know that the Margate Boardwalk Committee is not officially part of the newly formed Margate Homeowners Association of NJ. As of the writing of this post, the MHA has not announced support for or against the MBC. However, they don’t rule out the possibility of discussing this in future meetings.

Since the Margate Dunes Project hindered beach access for so many people, talk of a possible boardwalk rebuild began. Is it necessary? How much would it cost? Where would the money to build it come from? Local resident Glenn Klotz wondered about these things and knew others would be wondering, too. That was the catalyst to form the Margate Boardwalk Committee. In addition to Glenn, four other residents banned together to create the committee. They include Stefanie Bloch, Steve Davidson, Ellen Lichtenstein and Charlene Polakoff.

The MBC wishes to promote how much easier it will be for everyone of all physical abilities to access our beautiful Margate beaches once a boardwalk is installed. Currently, our beaches are not ADA compliant. Anyone with physical limitations of any sort will find it difficult to enjoy even watching the sunset over the surf. They’d also like to reconnect to the Absecon Island Boardwalk as well as naturally continue the boardwalk from Ventnor through Margate.

What Can You Do to Support the MBC?

The committee would love your input into how you feel the boardwalk would benefit the community. They also want to hear your ideas on how to best implement and pay for the project. First, feel free to join the Margate Boardwalk Committee/Friends of the Margate Boardwalk Facebook page. Then, share your comments/ideas. It’s that easy. Once the committee achieves its goal, it will dissolve. All input is welcome at any time.

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