Lucy the Elephant is Getting a Makeoverr

Lucy the Elephant Begins Her Makeover This Month

Lucy the Elephant is as much an icon of the Jersey Shore as the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. Last year, a few lucky individuals paid to stay overnight inside our beloved pachyderm. This past Valentine’s Day, someone surprised their beloved with a special romantic night in this ole gal as well. As it turns out, money raised over the past several months has allowed our lovely Lucy to begin her much-needed makeover.

Lucy the Elephant Gets a Makeover

Search Jersey Shore homes for saleStarting on September 20th, Lucy practically disappears beneath a framework of scaffolding as her makeover begins. Unfortunately, more than half of her exterior must be replaced. After all, 140 years of harsh sea air wreaks havoc with a girl’s skin. In approximately nine months, this beautiful caterpillar (er, elephant) emerges as a beautiful butterfly (er, again, elephant). But until that time, she remains barely visible beneath her scaffolding. Also, she stays mostly hidden from public view during that time. The last time anyone can take a tour of our dear girl before her makeover starts will be from 10 am to 5 pm on September 19th. The target reopening date is set for next Memorial Day.

How You Can Help

Preservationists put a $1.4 million estimated price tag on Lucy the Elephant’s makeover. Money received from the Preserve New Jersey Preservation Fund will be used to help fund part of the makeover. While they hope to receive some additional funding from the National Park Service, they still need our help with the rest of it. You can donate in several ways. First, please visit the gift shop. They promise to keep it open even during the entire makeover. Next, visit Lucy’s website to donate online. Finally, send a check or money order to The Save Lucy Committee at 1 Lucy Plaza, 9200 Atlantic Ave, Margate, NJ 08402. Every bit helps. So, please donate what you can. Thank you!

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