Lucy the Elephant Celebrates Her Birthday

Margate’s very own Lucy the Elephant is making headlines this month. She turns the big 1-3-9 this year. Since we don’t know her official “birthday”, the City chose July 20th as her unofficial birthday to celebrate. Why? Well, on that day 50 years ago, she came to settle on her own little patch of land at Decatur and Atlantic right here in Margate. To honor her special day, the City plans on throwing her a party fit for a queen (albeit with COVID-19 restrictions in place). But they also want to officially rename her street in her honor. It’s about time!

Come celebrate Lucy the Elephant's 139th Birthday in Margate on July 18th and 19th. To honor 50 years at her current location, the City plans a street renaming ceremony on July 20th where this section of Decatur officially becomes Lucy Plaza.

What: Lucy the Elephant Birthday Celebration
Where: 9200 Atlantic Ave, Margate
When: Sat, July 18th, 10 am to 8 pm & Sun, July 19th, 10 am to 5 pm
Admission: FREE

Lucy the Elephant Celebrates Her 139th Birthday

Birthday Plans

Search Jersey Shore homes for saleAt 10 am on Saturday, July 18th, the festivities begin. Originally, the City wanted to host a huge three-day bash to celebrate 50 years at her current location. With COVID-19 a very real concern right now, they decided to tone down the party a bit but not the fun. No traditional parade, carnival, or huge concert this year. However, they scheduled a cornhole toss and mini-golf course. In lieu of a parade where you sit and watch floats pass by, you get to actively participate in the parade. Organizers set up a special “drive-by” lane for people to pay their respects to our favorite pachyderm and, hopefully, drop off a lovely cash gift in the process. All money raised goes directly to Lucy’s care.

As a truly special treat for our lady in gray’s birthday, Lenny’s Hot Dogs makes a return to Margate for one weekend only. That’s right! A favorite hangout in the 60’s and 70’s comes back and brings their special hot dogs and pepper hash back to the beach. Prepare your belly for something yummy!

Official Street Renaming

On Monday, July 20th, City representatives officially rename Decatur Avenue as Lucy Plaza during a short ceremony at 10:30 am. At that time, Lucy’s official address becomes 100 Lucy Plaza. The public is welcome to join to see this historic change take place.

How You Can Help Support Our Beloved Lucy

While Lucy the Elephant looks fantastic for her age, the salty Margate air takes its toll on the old girl. Currently, the Save Lucy Committee would like to treat her metal structure to prevent rust and then give her a fresh paint of coat afterward. A little paint and powder always make a girl feel good. But this is no small undertaking. The cost to complete a project of this magnitude is an estimated $500,000. To help with these costs, the committee sells commemorative coins in the gift shop for just $19.69 apiece. When you visit, pick yourself up a cute Lucy face mask for just $9.99 or some hand sanitizer featuring our lovely Lucy. Only eight people will be allowed inside the gift shop at a time. Anyone entering the shop must wear a mask inside. If you can’t make it out to the gift shop, several Lucy-centric items are available at their online shop.

Come celebrate Lucy the Elephant’s 139th birthday next weekend. Have a hot dog. Pick up a souvenir. It’s all fun when Lucy’s involved!

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