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Sherri Lilienfeld , Broker/Owner - Apex Prime Realty

Apex Prime Realty Commercial was established in 2016 to better service the New Jersey aspirations of our client base.

Broker and Owner, Sherri Lilienfeld is licensed in New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania to service the immediate needs of the clients in the Tri-state area.

Apex Prime Realty Commercial works with buyers and sellers predominantly with off-market deals.

Our approach is a bit different than other commercial real estate firms in that we typically don’t broadly promote our activity unless that is the explicit directive of the client.

Most of our clients prefer to keep their investment strategy, whether it’s buying or selling, quiet and confidential.

By working with our sister company, S. Charatan Realty, Inc., which has been located at 236 E. 13th Street in New York since 1986, we have a very long and extensive client list, many of whom have worked with the firm since its inception.

In addition to tri-state licensure, the firm has established an extensive network of cooperative agents across the country which enables us to find deals in other states.

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